Hello and Welcome

So, why sauna penkki (which translates to sauna bench in English)

Well, in Finland, where sauna is a natural part of life, many discussions take place during sauna.
When people are sitting on the bench outside the sauna, cooling off, and enjoying being relaxed, then i have found that interesting discussions happen.
The sessions in the sauna are normally quiet times where people can think on things, or just enjoy the löyly. This quietness is especially true if it is a “public” session, if it is a group of friends in the sauna, then it is more likely that conversations will continue inside the sauna as well.

My current hobby is seeking out and having interesting conversations.
I find that i get a better chance of an interesting conversation if i look for people or places where there is a mix of social groups, as it is the people who are on the edge (who are between two or more groups) that i find the most interesting things happen. That is not to say that people who are in the centre of a Social group are not interesting, it is just that the odds are that they will have (or express) opinions that conform to the social groups norm. For example in a group of Goths i would be wanting to talk with the person who does not wear dark clothes and make-up, but looks more mainstream (but only if they were obviously a part of the group!).

Inspired by these two things, I have (on occasion) ideas/thoughts/conversations, that i think might be of some use to other people, so i plan to share them here.

To give you an idea of me, here are a couple of sayings/philosophies that I try to live by;
– give away what is cheap for you but valuable to receive
(the basic idea of this came from a negotiation skills course i did a few years ago, but seems like a good philosophy for life; costs me only some small time to explain an idea, pass on a relevant blog etc but for the other person this can make a huge impact)
– minimum effort, maximum return
(from an Ju-Jitsu coach i had many years ago, but generally useful advise)
– pay it forward
(i am not *so* naive as to think that a movie could make the world a better place, but if we all tried to be just a little nicer/better then the condition for everyone should improve. Tara Hunt‘s attempts at spreading the idea of whuffie from Cory Doctorow’s book seem to fit this.)

This is a Personal site/blog/whatever, and so the usual disclaimers about opinions expressed here apply
i.e. these are my opinions at the time of writing and not my employers or anyone else’s, if you break it you get to keep both pieces etc

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