Small beers with good food

So it’s been a while I guess 🙂

Finally got round to breaking the blogging log-jam, with this one.
For beer lovers in Finland there is only one event to go to – the Small Breweries, Big Beers event!
This year I visited on the Friday and it was a very pleasant afternoon, standing in the sun enjoying a number of fine ales and porters, whilst catching up on my podcast listening.
The food selection had improved over previous years, with more stands, each with more selections (including one selling salmon with a number of different flavours).
I bumped into an old friend at the event and spent an interesting time catching up on the events of common friends.
As it was getting late I ended with the “suicide porter” (or it’s name was something like that) that was 12%, but surprisingly good. Often at those sort of strengths, the flavour gets completely drowned out and the beer becomes really sweet and not very nice.

For some reason best known to themselves, this year the Syystober event was moved to be at the same time as the Night of the Arts and a food festival.
Not a great idea in my mind. Too many people, and the food thing did not seem to know what it was; local producers selling to the public or an industry meetup and smooze-fest. Some of the stands being more brochure-ware and displays, whilst others were selling their goods (the picture is from one of the food stands that was selling real food).
This combination (along with poor stall placement and layout), makes for a not enjoyable time. At least there were plenty of sampler trays out 😉
Syystober is not as good as it is held in partnership with Koff, and they rent/sell one litre steins as well as the regular pint glasses. However, they are not selling the smaller 0.2 litre sampling size!
But still worth attending, if you have nothing better on!

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A new type of event?

kotiharjun sauna

So yesterday the first un-sauna took place here in Helsinki.

Sami from HUB Helsinki had decided to take the un-conference idea and add a Finnish twist to it.
The idea being to do short discussions between the “rounds” of sauna.

Even though only 3 of us turned up, as one of the ideas behind un-events is that “the people who turn up are the correct people” it was still a fun event.
During the discussions some interesting ideas were generated (mostly for a potential HUB Helsinki un-conference that is in the planning stages currently).

There was some idea to do this again i August. As this covers E of my favorite activities (suauna, interesting conversations and some beer) I plan to be there.

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Couple of beers after Xmas

First up, a pleasant surprise I found in the local supermarket. Brewed by locally to Helsinki, this is a rather strong flavour (not sure I would want more than one), but very pleasant.
boadicea bitter

Next up an import from the UK. This one I got from Alko (as it is 7.1%), you can actually taste and smell the rum influence on the beer. Again, I would probably would not drink too many of these in an evening (though this time more due to the alcoholic strength rather than the flavour).
Innis & Gunn Rum Cask

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Nice pub in Göteborg

So while in Göteborg for FSCONS, I found a rather nice little pub, The Flying Barrel. It seems that English stlye pubs are rather popular in Sweden as that is what they associate with good beer and good times.

I started with a couple of export only beers from the Ridgeway Brewary.
lump of coal
A nice stout, that tasted very nice. Was a rather strong beer.

On the recommendation of the barman, I took an IPA from the local brewary and it was very refreshing.
I then took their porter, again, very pleasant.
swedish porter - Share on Ovi

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This was a joint idea between Suuret Oluet-Pienet Panimot and Karhu
Reasonable selection of beers from the small brewaries, and Sinebrychoff only had Karhu beer available (designed for their more discerning customer?). They were all strong beers (over 5% abv).
You could also get a one litre glass for a 5€ deposit.

The food was provided by Eat&Joy Maatilatori, it certainly looked good (not just standard Makkara!)

Seemed to be something like a 65-35 split men to women (is this higher than at other beer events?), seemed similar to similar to the small breweries event.
There was also a luxury toilet truck for your convenience.


Syystober toilet truck

The music got a little loud after 20:00, but that seems the norm nowadays (turn it up, cos the kids want it loud?)

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SSWC – the memories

How do you sum up a weekend like that?

If someone asked you “Hey, do you want to spend 50 hours traveling to spend 41 hours surrounded by 250+ people you have never met before?” you would think they were mad, but then they would have missed out some cool times and stories.

Would I do it again? Just show me where to sign up!
Would I change anything? Probably not

My tripku
Vesa’s tripku

A sequence of memories
(with (other people’s) photos added where appropriate or relavent)

Eating FAR too much at the ship buffet (because we had already paid for it?)

Queueing for the ferry to the Island, “it’s ok, we have beer”, “wow that’s a lot of jellyfish”, “Arse, where’d that bus come from!”

Waiting for the boat

Waiting for the boat

Damm, looks like the next boat then

Damm, looks like the next boat then

The guys who brought a mannequin with them

The guys who brought a mannequin with them

maybe encouraging someone to hold KnitCamp (if you hold it, they will come)

Suddenly it’s dark, then it’s not so warm.

Waking up at 5am, going to toilet, then finding a flock of sheep wandering across the camp site

Sheep invade the camp

Sheep invade the camp

Attempting to get a network up and running, using only consumer grade equipment, and some guesswork.

lets use wires

let's use wires

lots of wire

lots of wire

Actually getting some form of network up and running!

Learning some cool stuff at various sessions.

Seeing Vesa power a boat with a broken oar.

Floating Sauna

Floating Sauna

quite a few inside

quite a few inside

Sauna was not so warm at first, but then when some wood was added to the kiuas it got warmer 🙂

Being asked “ok to interview you for a podcast?”, then finding out it is actually being filmed and broadcast live to the web!

Handing out thepresents from Finland from their gift-box

The amazing night sky when you are far away from cities.

Talking with @lemonad and discovering that the JaikuEngine project has really high standards.
Being interrupted by actually good guitar playing by @emanuellantz (there was also some fun and games with the megaphone, but those videos don’t seem to be up anywhere)

Damm, but it gets cold on a clear night, but lukily it then warms up again quickly in the morning.

Damm, its cold

Damm, it's cold

Repeatably being surprised at how smoothly and well everything went, as this was by far the most people ever on the Island, yet all of the staff seemed constantly happy & helpful.

Happy Campers

Happy Campers

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