Build a startup in 48 hours?

There seem to be many variations on this theme; startupweekend, Garage48, Buildit, Game Jam, Service Jam….

But, almost all of these events seem to ask people to sign up, and select one of their grand sounding titles (Developer, Designer, Visionary etc).
I think it would be better if they used titles that described what you would be doing during the weekend, so this could be something like; Code Monkey, Pixel Pusher, Powerpoint Princess, etc.

This way, only those people who *really* want to come and learn something would turn up, and would have something of the correct attitude (not too serious, lets work together, etc)

On another note, many of these weekends used to emphasise the possibility of founding the next world changing startup there, now at least some of them are mentioning that you should be expecting more of a learning experience.

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Another beer roundup

Continuing the series of beers found at the local stores (and as I don’t seem to be able to actual write other content recently!)

Mämmi beer from Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
Mämmi is a traditional easter dish made of rye, molasses and water. Like many things in Finland the description does not sound that great, but try it and you might like it.
The beer did not have a particularly strong flavour to me, something similar to a stout. But I do like the Laitilan brewerie’s packaging.
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Easter beer from Vakka-Suomen Panimo
That is at least my translation of the label. A nice beer.
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From Sweden. Light, not too much body (I find winter beers are normally stonger and “fuller” than this), but pleasant all the same.
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Couple of beers before Xmas

A rather nice Xmas beer from the Vakka-Suomen Panimo.
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A strong chocolate stout flavour. Very nice.

I then followed this with a nice scottish beer from the Caledonian Brewary. THis brewary is one of the ones I have actually had a tour round a number of years ago.
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FSCONS notes

This was my second time at FSCONS, but this year there seemed to be a lot more talks around “Open Culture” type themes.

Two that stuck out for me were; feminism (there are more women involved than thought & some advice on how to get more) and Open farming (the open source tractor in action video is rather cool)

The Qi Hardware folks seem to have a solution searching for a problem, but the hardware itself is very cool tech. The FAQ provides a good overview.

I also learnt of the Touch Book. An ARM based netbook with huge bttery life, detachable keyboard and touch screen.

The saturday night conversation about maths (and mutilple infinities!) ensured a complete fun weekend.

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