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My notes from The Mobile Trends session

The slides that Christian Lindholm used during his session are on slideshare here

As Christian’s session announcement was rather last minute (in true BarCamp style ;), the audience got to discuss the ideas in quite some detail.

During the talk (as is my habit at BarCamp’s) i was attemting to take notes and then posted them to this thread on Jaiku.

So these are my notes tidied up slightly. The text in [] are things I have remembered after the event and don’t have actual notes for.

The handset business is dropping – this is mainly due to consumers hanging on to handsets longer

People always need to talk so the operators are ok?

Phone to flute leap not possible for “normal” mind [referencing the Flute app demo at the recent iPhone announcement]

In-app purchasing is huge oppertunity for digital assets. [Most people have not grasped this yet?]

2 master copies (laptop/desktop & cloud)
From development of the Lifeblog software, there was two components; phone & pc. 40% of effort was assigned to sync, but ended up as 60% of cost. VERY difficult problem.

Mobileme syncing is not 100% fool-proof yet.
Privacy. Use a Box that lives physically at home but logically in the cloud rather than some third party

Figure out what a companies super rare eng skill is:
At Nokia it was the RF guys who were gods
At Yahoo it was the guys who understood backend scaling

The handset market is seperating out into high & low end, [middle is disappearing. Problems for Sony-Ericsson and others?]
Nokia is digital Coca-Cola [memorable quote from Christian]

Apple is the only b2c handset manufacturer all the others are b2b

most people are used to combination of screen & keyboard, and understand how to interact with a device with these physical characteristics. [touch-screen is too new method to interact with computers]

Operators have not figured out how to sell more than one [not sure exactly what this was in reference too, but i think it was that most people only have a single “thing” from an operator, and that Netbooks offer a chance for operators to upsell data packages]

Object is small & cheap – reverse gadget psycology kicks in, this enables women to buy in [Christian had a really good explantion of the difference of how men and women buy technology, but i have forgotten it]
Kids. Families need to be very affluent for everyone to have their own computer.

Hardware is the service – iPod is a physical service
Razr – beautiful design, super thin but horrible to use

Olpc – fucked? A “.org” is not able to compete with comercial market.
Olpc is the genes/ancestor of netbooks.

Apple will get into the netbook market at somepoint. Will they be able to be as game changeing as iPhone? [waiting for the market to settle before joining?]

Still dont have good linux build for netbooks

BBC iPlayer users more Bandwidth than youtube in uk

Kids using bluetooth to pirate/copy content (new sneakernet). Adults forget that they have “send via bluetooth”, kids don’t as it costs less [one reason for popularity of SMS was the lower cost of sending SMS than making a call]
[there was an example of kids exchanging 1.5GB movies via Bluetooth]

Companions – Limit is battery life

iPhone if used as intended, always runs out of juice very early in the day

Number of devices is increaseing. Christian has an iPhone, iTouch & e71, all three can have empty batteries by end of a busy day

[don’t want to be without some form of connectivity, so share the laod between the devices to extend battery life]

Lots of activity in android driven by smaller operators & manufactures
Still imature

Android has lots of inovation in ui

Need to build then analyse in mobile space (this costs lots of time time and hence money)
With an OS just need to grind on it! [to drive out all the small edge case?]
Google hiring superstars who don’t have patience to grind it out?

Difficult to make a platform that is not fragmented [I think this was in reference to the many partners in Android]

Palm – beautiful but screwd
100M is small change for existing players

anaology of “Football player being sent on in tennis shoes” [does not matter how talented, if not on the field with totally the corect equipment, then will not be able to perform]

Syncing. Palm (currently) is a good demo [everyone is waiting to see what the reality is]
Problems of duplications, and loss (not able to define where and when so hard to file a bug)

No one has a working solution yet.

Sync is definatly a forward in the final winning team. What the other players are is not so clear.

On touch:
Don’t know what will be dominate entry form

Swipe. Check it out as an input method [christian was refering to a contact of his who had developed this (faster input method for touch screens), famous for developing something else]

Blackberry test that abc was faster than qwerty [comment from Jesus around some test Blackberry had done on keyboard layout. Thinking was that people were used to phones being layed out in Alphabetical order]

Chrstian has another company working in area of sensors that could help extend life of physical keyboard’s [he provided this as a disclaimer i think]

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