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Nice pub in Göteborg

So while in Göteborg for FSCONS, I found a rather nice little pub, The Flying Barrel. It seems that English stlye pubs are rather popular in Sweden as that is what they associate with good beer and good times.

I started with a couple of export only beers from the Ridgeway Brewary.
lump of coal
A nice stout, that tasted very nice. Was a rather strong beer.

On the recommendation of the barman, I took an IPA from the local brewary and it was very refreshing.
I then took their porter, again, very pleasant.
swedish porter - Share on Ovi

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This was a joint idea between Suuret Oluet-Pienet Panimot and Karhu
Reasonable selection of beers from the small brewaries, and Sinebrychoff only had Karhu beer available (designed for their more discerning customer?). They were all strong beers (over 5% abv).
You could also get a one litre glass for a 5€ deposit.

The food was provided by Eat&Joy Maatilatori, it certainly looked good (not just standard Makkara!)

Seemed to be something like a 65-35 split men to women (is this higher than at other beer events?), seemed similar to similar to the small breweries event.
There was also a luxury toilet truck for your convenience.


Syystober toilet truck

The music got a little loud after 20:00, but that seems the norm nowadays (turn it up, cos the kids want it loud?)

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